Friday, 10 April 2015

Social Networking Media

As the popularity of social networking has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, the Internet of five years ago has indeed come and gone. Web 2.0 is now the talk of major Internet players and venture capitalists across the globe.
What is Web 2.0? It is the next generation of Internet interactivity and utility platforms. In a nutshell, Web 2.0 involves the facilitation of enhanced web user activities and experiences via systems that allow users to more easily interact, communicate, share information, learn and collaborate with one another.
Witness the huge success of Wikipedia, a free multi-lingual encyclopedia. Formed in January of 2001, Wikipedia has quickly become one of the most visited websites in the world with more than six million articles in 250 languages currently hosted. The premise of the founders of Wikipedia was simple: create a place where users from all over the world can write and edit articles and entries according to their area of expertise. In turn, content created by tens of thousands of subject matter experts is available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection.
Other wildly successful social networking and interactivity websites include MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg and StumbleUpon. To Internet companies around the world, it has become more than apparent that Internet users are embracing these platforms with great enthusiasm. The Internet is becoming more than just a place to find information: it is now a place to interact, communicate, learn and opine on a wide variety of subjects. Blogging is no longer the realm of the web futurists but a de facto part of doing business. Forums have popped up all over the Internet in order for members to share information, ask questions and even form relationships. And tens of thousands of singles willingly pay a monthly fee to network with potential love interests on sites like and
In regards to business applications of the social networking phenomenon, the industry is young and just getting started. Over the next five years, expect a wide range of new applications to spring up in industries of all shapes and sizes. The potential for knowledge and learning is enormous as are the possibilities for unprecedented business referral partnerships. The Internet, only in its first decade or so of popular use, is going to continue to evolve to meet the needs and desires of its hundreds of millions of users.
 Social media optimization is nothing but the various methods that are utilized for making a site easily accessible to visitors on the web. In this internet age, instant information and gratification is what people look out for and the faster visitors can access your site the more popular you will be on the web. After all, search engine optimization is all about becoming popular on the web and if you can do it really well, it will be a tremendous boost for your product. There are several means that can be implemented for doing social media optimization and doing this is very crucial for you if you are really serious about the success of your business venture.
Some of the ways through which you can implement social media optimization for your online business site are discussed in this article. Increasing the links of your site is one of the simplest and the best means for you to go about increasing your web popularity. Exchanging links with other relevant websites and also sites that have a good page rank will surely help your site in becoming famous.
Having great content on your site is not enough. You must undertake ways and means to ensure that the content travels really fast to relevant places on the web. There are many sites that are on a lookout for free content on the web and you can let such sites use your content on the condition that they provide a link for your site. So, it is very important to write articles and contents that will appeal to different kinds of readers because the web caters to a very wide audience.
Increase the inbound links of your site as this is one thing that must be done on a priority basis for social media optimization of any online business site. Writing blogs for your site is a great way of increasing the inbound links of your site on the web. In fact, the number of inbound links is the parameter for being successful on the web. So devote all your resources in implementing these things as this will surely take your online business venture to unexpected heights.
The basic idea is to optimize an online business site in such a manner so that your site is linked to other sites that are more visible in the social media search category. While undertaking social media optimization, you must keep in mind that each business has different needs and requirements. and consequently you must know your business requirements. Your business can become a success story only if you are fully aware of your business requirements.
Search engine optimization is constantly growing and to keep pace with these changes you must be in tune with all these things. Social media optimization is the newest entrant to this field. Before you go about undertaking social media optimization for your site, make sure that you know exactly what this is all about and what all things you will need to do for popularizing your online business site on the web. Social media optimization has the capacity to give a tremendous boost to your business.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Planning of Real Estate

Law or Rules of Real Estat

The Statute of Frauds is a really old law that originated in England in 1677. It requires that certain transactions must be in writing, signed by the party to be charged, basically the person being sued. Real estate purchases are one of the transactions covered by the statute of frauds. In real estate transactions, the SOF further requires that the writing contain a description of the property, a description of the parties, the price, and any agreed to conditions of price or payment.
There are a few exceptions to this rule. Part Performance is when someone has paid all or part of the purchase price, taken possession, and/or made substantial improvements to the land. For example, if Bob made an oral contract with Sue to buy property, paid her a down payment of 25% of the agreed purchase price, and built a house on the land, then even though the SOF would invalidate the oral contract, Sue could argue that Bob's partial performance proves the existence of the contract.
In addition to Part Performance, Equitable estoppel and Promissory estoppel may be used to prove an oral contract for the sale of land. Equitable estoppel is based upon an act or a representation. Promissory estoppel is based upon a promise.

Once a contract has been signed, a purchaser becomes an equitable owner of title at the time of the execution of a binding contract. Under the common law, the risk of loss is on the buyer after signing the contract for sale. In other words, if the house burns down between the signing of the contract and the closing, the risk is on the buyer. The buyer will still have to close the deal.
There are some states that have a different rule. States that have enacted the Uniform Vendor and Purchase Risk Act hold that the risk of loss is placed on the seller unless legal title or possession of the property has passed. There are a minority of states have passed this statute. So, in a majority of states, the risk of loss is on the buyer.
Surprisingly, its quite common for people to make oral contracts to sell parts of their property, not realizing it must be in writing. Later, when the buyer fails to pay, the seller is at a loss at how to proceed. An attorney familiar with the nuances of real estate law can help with this.
Few tips

According to experts, less than half of Americans have any estate-planning documents. But making arrangements for the time when you will be gone not only takes care of the people left behind, it also ensures that your bills are taken care of in the way that you desire. Here are a few estate planning tips that will guarantee your safe and efficient departure.
Write a Will
If you pass away without a will, the state may take over and divvy up your assets. Generally, spouses and children get first dibs, then other relatives like parents and siblings. If there is no family, assets go to the state. Also a will determines who will have custody of your children, if you were the last surviving parent.

Review Your Will/Trust Annually
Changes in your finances or personal relationships may necessitate a change in your final will. Since most of us don't know when we're going to die, dynamic life changes may require us to make updates to who gets what and how much. To not do so could lead to tension and arbitration among surviving members Acquire Life Insurance
At least make sure you have the basics covered when calculating how much life insurance may be necessary. Consider the summation of any outstanding debts you may have, your final expenses, and funds for savings goals, like college for the kids. With these costs covered, your family should be able to live comfortably on the reminder of your insurance.
Create Three Critical Additional Documents
Estate planning is about more than our final wishes, it also involves creating documents that determine what happens in case we are unable to take care of ourselves while we are living. A durable power of attorney lets you designate an agent to manage your finances and legal affairs.
A Release-of-information form gives doctors permission to share your medical records with designated others. Advance directives can give power of attorney for health care decisions while you are living.
Work with an Estate Planning Team
Depending on how complex your estate may be, you might need the assistance of a whole estate planning team. Designate a tax professional that can help minimize the amount of income taxes your beneficiaries will pay on their inheritances. A financial advisor will create a suitable investment portfolio for all your assets.
Also ensure that you hire a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. Estate planning attorneys help create wills and trusts, along with ensuring state and federal requirements are upheld. It is generally better to work with a local attorney, as they are most familiar with city and state laws.